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"Terry has accomplished one of his larger goals of attending the first state of origin game in Brisbane with the support of the Tardiss team working with him. With the caring support team at Tardiss helping him work on his goals and maintain his independence, the family has seen a big change in Terry’s behaviours and how much happier his is."

Linda, Terry's Sister

"We interviewed several providers but we chose Tardiss, a small company with personalised service. Helen was in control from the beginning and is still today. She interviewed the support workers, who she originally chose to work with her on a 24/7 roster. These four ladies are still her support workers today, it is so wonderful Helen now has such stability"

Gail, Townsville

“He can now undertake all of those basic living activities we sometimes take for granted,  like washing, hygiene, keeping the cupboard stocked. He’s managed to get a high quality  wheelchair, prosthetic legs, and can now move safely around the community, and has  ticked off many of his goals”

Ross, Douglas' POD Leader

“Our family is so glad to have found TARDISS three years ago, since moving across to them we have felt confident that we are a central part of Bradley's care and support, knowing each support worker and having a say is very important to us"

Mark, Charters Towers

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