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TARDISS is a small not-for-profit community based organisation which is registered under the Federal Government's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We also have the ability to work with privately funded participants, plan managers and self-managed participants.

TARDISS is different because we put the participant and the families first! We aim to help participants achieve their goals and aspirations into reality. Being a small team, we have the flexibility and adaptability for our participants' changing needs. 


In 2010, before the establishment of the NDIA, a small group of passionate North Queenslanders came together to discuss how they could help people with a disability receive quality care. They were aware that participants and families were disappointed with being treated as 'just a number'. Their aim was to ensure the care receivers were placed at the center of all decisions, and that they were treated with dignity and respect.

The group decided the only way to achieve this objective was to establish an organisation where they could set the objectives, philosophy and ethics.  Hence the birth of Townsville And Regional Disability Individualised Support Service or what was affectionately referred to as "TARDISS".

TARDISS was incorporated on 6 January 2011. Many hundreds of hours of volunteer work was put into setting up the framework, policies and procedures for TARDISS. It is through this invaluable support of volunteers in the management area that enabled the organisation to establish a good financial position.

TARDISS could not exist without the enormous contribution volunteers have, and continue to make, towards bettering the lives of people with a disability.  Barry Moyle and Esma Wickham in particular as volunteers spent many years building TARDISS into a sustainable organisation ready for its next phase of existence.

As TARDISS grows, we continue to build our range of services and assets for our participants.  


Acceptance, Support and empowerment to live self-determined lives


To support individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations by honoring each person’s uniqueness, talents and abilities


To deliver individualised support services

To connect with communities that we operate within

To set a culture of safety, human rights and service excellence


Customer Focused: 

The participant is at the centre of everything we do


Quality services delivered in a manner consistent with best practice


We strive to be innovative in our thinking and delivery


Please download our 2025 Strategy here

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